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How to lock the "New Second" app on Android phone

1. Introduction

The New Second app has followed the official Android mechanism to use the foreground service, so that the Seconds can still be displayed in the status bar/notification bar and floating window after the App is exited. However, in order to further save power, many Android customized systems violate the native Android mechanism and kill the App after a few or tens of seconds after the App exits, causing the notification bar and floating window display seconds incorrectly. This article mainly introduces how to lock the New Second app through the features of these customized systems to prevent the display seconds incorrectly.

2. Operation steps

(1) Swipe up with one finger from the bottom of the phone to display the list of recently used apps;

(2) Long press the New Second app icon in the list (for some mobile phones, click on the top of the New Second app in the list), and then click the "Lock" button;

(3) In this way, the notification bar and floating window can display seconds and milliseconds normally after exiting the New Seconds App.

Other questions

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